Characteristics of Pop Music

Characteristics of Pop Music

Characteristics of Pop Music

PONG SONGS- Who doesn’t know pop music? This type of music can be said to be the most popular and most widely heard by the public. Pop music is very familiar and new pop songs keep popping up.

It is not surprising that pop music is so popular. This type of music is suitable to be heard in all situations and easy listening. But it turns out that pop music is not just easy listening, you know, there are other things that characterize pop music that makes it easy to get listeners.

Then what are the characteristics of other pop music? Let’s see this explanation

Types of Pop Music

Well, pop music itself has several more types, you know! Pop music has a very broad scope so it is grouped into several categories. The types of pop music include standard pop music, creative pop music and ballad pop music.

Each … Read More

Kinds of Guitar Accessories

Kinds of Guitar Accessories

Kinds of Guitar Accessories

Having a guitar, whether it’s an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, definitely requires several kinds of guitar accessories to support your playing. Each guitar accessory has its own function and use.

However, before buying and owning several kinds of guitar accessories, of course you must also know how to play the guitar properly and correctly. Maybe many of you don’t know about this method, especially beginners.

Must-have guitar accessories

After proficient in playing the guitar, you need guitar accessories to support your playing. Of the many guitar accessories, seven of them are mandatory for guitarists. To know more about home construction you can visit this site ecoceco


A tuner is a tone setting tool on stringed musical instruments such as guitar, bass, or ukulele. This tool is used to make it easier to adjust the tone of your guitar. There are several types of guitar tuners, some … Read More

Bass Mooer Graphic B Bass Equalizer

Bass Mooer Graphic B Bass Equalizer

Bass Mooer Graphic B Bass Equalizer

Musicians- Mooer Graphic B Bass Equalizer is specially designed with practicality but does not reduce its function. Graphic B Bass is very suitable to be chosen for you great musicians. The following are the advantages of Mooer Graphic B Bass that you must know before using it.

Unique case design makes it look charming

The case that the Mooer Graphic B Bass Equalizer uses is full metal which is durable yet lightweight to carry. Mooer Graphic B Bass Equalizer has a small dimension with a size of 1.6535 inches x 2.0472 inches x 3.6811 inches and weighs 0.36 pounds making it easy to carry anywhere. Even though it has a small size, it can still work with full functionality.

Small size with best sound

Even though the Mooer Graphic B Bass Equalizer is designed to be small with a friendly pedalboard, it still has the true bypass of a large … Read More


8 Examples of Rhythmic Musical Instruments

8 Examples of Rhythmic Musical Instruments

Rhythmic musical instruments are used as accompaniment and tempo control in songs. There are several examples of rhythmic musical instruments and how to play them.

Music is a form of art and is a part of human life. Caturwati and Rustiyanti in Tradition as the Foundation of Creativity explain that music is a means to express feelings of joy, sadness, love, patriotism, and others.

Music is also a tool for imagination. To produce music, you need a musical instrument. According to Britannica, a musical instrument is any device for producing musical sounds. Based on its function, can distinguish musical instruments into melodic musical instruments, harmonic musical instruments, and rhythmic musical instruments.

In this article, we will discuss rhythmic musical instruments. In the Module Designing Concepts and Techniques for Contemporary Music (Art and Culture of Music) by the Ministry of Education and Culture, rhythmic musical instruments are musical instruments that function … Read More


Songs: Top 5 Songs You Can Use as Video Content

Top 5 Songs You Can Use as Video Content

SONGS- Today’s social media features make it easier for us to create interesting content. Not only slow-motion videos but videos can use background music to make them cooler.

It’s no wonder that currently a lot of music content is popping up on social media and there are more and more music content creators who are very creative and produce works on various social media, one of which is on the short video platform. Here are 5 songs that you can choose to be your background video.

Stay – Justin Bieber & The Kid LAROI

This song by musicians Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI is about someone who begs his loved ones to stay with him. Due to its catchy tune and catchy lyrics, the song, which was released on July 9, 2021, is widely liked by users of short video platforms. The proof is that there is a … Read More




Piano Parts- Image result for piano keys Like humans, the piano as a musical instrument also has ‘body parts. The following are the parts of a piano musical instrument with an explanation:


Keys are one of the parts of the piano that come into direct contact with our fingers when playing it. There are two kinds of piano keys, namely white keys and black keys. At first, the piano only had one kind of key, namely white keys. However, to make it easier for players to find out where certain notes are, black keys add between the white keys. The difference between white keys and black keys is their size and position.


The hammer is the part that transmits the pressure of the keys to vibrate the strings. The hammer is located just below the string. When pressing the keys, the hammer will hit the strings according to … Read More


Music Festivals with Selected Genres in 2020

Music Festivals with Selected Genres in 2020. Music lovers in Indonesia will have several variants of this music festival in 2020. Some of them offer a variety of choices according to the genre you like. Not only offering one stage, usually, but several festivals also offer several other stages. This was deliberately made so that visitors are satisfied to choose the performers they like. Likewise with the line up that appears. Not only offering local musicians but usually, this international festival also presents musicians from foreign countries whose names are already famous or on the rise. Here are some of the music festivals that will be coming to Indonesia this year.

Java Jazz Festival 2020

Music Festivals with Selected Genres in 2020. As the name implies, this music festival offers a jazz nuance as the main threat. Although sometimes it also presents colors from other related genres, jazz is the … Read More


The Heat of the Online Music Business

Seeing the development of technology from year to year, making music label companies increasingly tough. The Heat of the Online Music Business. Especially with the development of the internet, now everyone can quickly access information anytime, anywhere, and with any device. With just one person, we can create an online music artist, which can attract enthusiasts anytime and anywhere at a very affordable cost. Learning from several cases, many musicians have decided to produce their own music. One of the reasons for being rejected by major music label companies. An example is Tulus, he is one example of a successful musician who has succeeded in producing and marketing his own songs. And even now, many big music labels are trying to propose to Tulus.

Works and Intellectual Property Rights / Copyright

The Heat of the Online Music Business. After creating your work, you must patent your song work. Because … Read More


7 Songs About Nature, Suitable for Back Sounds on Adventure

7 Songs About Nature Suitable for Back Sounds on Adventure. Music is a series of melodious tones that have a very deep meaning that comes from the outpouring of the heart and mind. Not only that, sometimes music is created to provide criticism, it is even used as an instrument to show love and care for fellow humans and nature.
Music is created through the processing of feelings from the heart and mind through the inspirations that inspire every composer. Not infrequently inspiration comes from beautiful and supreme nature. The following has presented a list of songs about nature that are perfect for back sound adventure stories.

Natural Poetry – Fourtwnty

7 Songs About Nature Suitable for Back Sounds on Adventure. Lyrics fragment:
Lay down on your body
On a high uninhabited place
Forget your world problems
Softly singing clouds greet you
I dreamed of being
In a beautiful, untouched … Read More


10 Recommended Indonesian Love Songs

10 Recommended Indonesian Love Songs. Expressing feelings is difficult for some people. Luckily, there are musicians whose works that are sung can represent one’s feelings, especially in expressing love.

Chanting romantic songs about the spirit of love is like giving endorphins that make listeners happy. Some use expressions of longing and supposition in concocting love songs.
Here are 10 recommended love songs

Jaz – The Two Together (2018)

Even though they haven’t released an album yet, Jaz’s singles brought a cheerful atmosphere and the turmoil of falling in love. As in the songs Dari Mata (2016), Kasmaran (2017), and Happy Friends (2018). The song Berdua Bersama was released last year as the soundtrack for the film Milly & Mamet, about Milly and Mamet’s sweet relationship.

Shaded Umbrellas – For a Woman in a Hug (2012)

From the album Dunia Batas, Payung Teduh, in the initial formation, was driven by Is, … Read More

Art Walk L/A features live artmaking, music and more

Courtesy image

Enjoy live, in-person arts experiences in more than a dozen locations for Art Walk L/A from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, July 29.

Live music

Maine musician Toby McAllister will perform at 5 p.m. in Dufresne Plaza in Lewiston (Rain location: Callahan Hall, Lewiston Public Library, 200 Lisbon St.). Lewiston High School Jazz Band alumni will perform at 5:30 p.m. at the Hartley Block on Lisbon Street. And the Music in the Park summer concert series presents Secondhand Clams, Mouth Washington, and Buddusky from 7-9 p.m. in Kennedy Park following the Art Walk (Rain location: 1800 Club, 34 Court St, Auburn).

Visual arts

Cows and Moons Submitted photo

Artwork by Angela Dumais Submitted photo

Live painting event with artist Michael Ranucci from 5-7 p.m. at Munka Studio, 221 Lisbon St.

Artists Grayling Cunningham and friends – The Studio, 291 Lisbon St.
Artist Angela Dumais – LA Community Acupuncture, 223

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Ukiah Tailgater II Portable Fire Pit

There’s nothing better during a summer eve than sitting around the fire listening to music with your friends. And if that’s true, then there’s never been a more perfect piece of summer gear than the Ukiah Tailgater II.

One of the most popular items from our Summer Gear Guide, the Ukiah Tailgater II is a portable propane fire pit and powerful Bluetooth sound system all in one. With its “Beat to the Music” mode, you can literally shoot flames to your music, creating your own pyrotechnic show right in your own outdoor space. You’re not going to find a better centerpiece for hanging out with friends listening to your favorite music, as it brings heat, a light show, and bumping audio all in one ruggedly constructed, powder-coated steel body that’s light enough (34 pounds) to carry wherever your adventures take you.

Hook it up to an LP tank with the

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For Swedish singer Jens Lekman, recrafting old albums was a lesson in self-love : NPR

Jens Lekman in 2022.

Ellika Henrikson/Courtesy of Chromatic PR

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Ellika Henrikson/Courtesy of Chromatic PR

Jens Lekman in 2022.

Ellika Henrikson/Courtesy of Chromatic PR

In the early 2000s, Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman had just started to find his voice. He was making thoughtful, funny, romantic indie pop, weaving personal, sharply observed stories into a technicolor patchwork of samples that burst at the seams.

“The way I learned to make music was by making collages with samples from records that I found at flea markets and other places,” says Lekman. “Hundreds and thousands of tiny little snippets of audio from this place and that place.”

Fans and critics around the world couldn’t get enough, and Lekman soon released two of his most acclaimed and successful albums: In 2005, “Oh You’re So Silent Jens,” and in 2007, “Night Falls Over Kortedala.”

But then, as in every Jens Lekman story,

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The Akselerator Electric Guitar, Based on Gibson Epiphone SG

Name: Scott and Aksel McDermott
Location: New York, New York
Guitar: The Akselerator

Back when things were locked down for Covid in 2020, my then 7-year-old son Aksel found an old Epiphone SG in the back of a closet that I’d bought 25 years ago but never learned to play. He took to it immediately. A weekly lesson soon started at the Williamsburg School of Music when things opened up a little and he was hooked. However, after sitting for so long, the SG needed to go in for a tune-up eventually. With nothing to play for a few days, we started talking about building a simple string between two nails on a board stretched over a Coke bottle contraption, as a fun little project. But it’s only rock ’n’ roll if it’s electric. Suddenly we were researching pickup-wiring schemes and the difference between a single-coil and

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20 Jazz Masterpieces You Should Hear

Jazz is a uniquely American art form, a story born out of the experience of African American people. Several tributaries have flowed into the main river we call jazz: spirituals, gospel, blues, and ragtime, to name a few. Styles vary greatly, from the laidback subtlety of Count Basie’s piano to the frenzy of Charlie Parker’s bebop saxophone, and so many more. Some jazz artists have achieved worldwide fame. Others remain relatively anonymous. Many of the legends have “moved on up a little higher,” as Mahalia Jackson memorably described death. Still, the music goes on.

Even among jazz fans, few understand its spiritual nature. The best jazz (as I explain in A Supreme Love: The Music of Jazz and the Hope of the Gospel) reflects the narrative—familiar among people shaped by the Christian gospel—that moves from deep misery to inextinguishable joy.

The best jazz reflects the narrative that moves from

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