10 Recommended Indonesian Love Songs

10 Recommended Indonesian Love Songs. Expressing feelings is difficult for some people. Luckily, there are musicians whose works that are sung can represent one’s feelings, especially in expressing love.

Chanting romantic songs about the spirit of love is like giving endorphins that make listeners happy. Some use expressions of longing and supposition in concocting love songs.
Here are 10 recommended love songs

Jaz – The Two Together (2018)

Even though they haven’t released an album yet, Jaz’s singles brought a cheerful atmosphere and the turmoil of falling in love. As in the songs Dari Mata (2016), Kasmaran (2017), and Happy Friends (2018). The song Berdua Bersama was released last year as the soundtrack for the film Milly & Mamet, about Milly and Mamet’s sweet relationship.

Shaded Umbrellas – For a Woman in a Hug (2012)

From the album Dunia Batas, Payung Teduh, in the initial formation, was driven by Is, as the vocalist, to develop a romantic song, Untuk Perempuan Yang yang dalam hingkukan

This song became one of the song numbers in the album Dunia Batas, which has also succeeded in attracting listeners to music such as Angin Pujaan Hujan, Restah, Menuju Senja, Berdua Saja, and Rahasia.

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Raisa – Could It Be Love (2011)

With upbeat music, Raisa Andriana represents the heartbeat of someone when they fall in love. Could It Be Love was included in Raisa’s self-titled debut album which was released in 2011?

Sheila On 7 – The Most Beautiful Award I Have Ever Had (1999)

The most beautiful gift I ever had was part of the debut album Sheila On 7, released in 1999. This song was released along with some of our everlasting love songs and J. A. P.

BCL feat. Dipha Barus – I’m a Woman (2017)

Aku Wanita is a song composed by Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo with Theresia Ebenna E. Pardede (Tere), Yulinda Rosidin, and Reza Artamevia. This song was first performed by Reza Artamevia and was included in his second album, Keabadian (2000).

Ada Band – Masih (My Best Friend, My Lover) (2003)

It is still number two on the album Metamorphosis (2003) by Donnie and Krishna. This album is also a summary of the work of Ada Band’s new formation with vocalist Donnie Sibarani.

Maudy Ayunda – Suddenly Love Comes (2011)

In the album Call Me (2011) summarized the sweet, bitter love story in 10 number songs. Suddenly Cinta Datang is the number one song in this first album.

Naive – Because You’re Only One (2011)

Departing with Sheila On 7 as a popular pop band since the 90s, Naif with the single Because You’re Only One talks about the expression of being happy with your partner.

This song is included in the album Planet Cinta (2011).

Adera – More Beautiful

Adera’s passionate love was poured into the single Lebih Indah, which was the title of her first 2011 release.

Yovie & Nuno – A Million Love (2007)

Composed by music composer Yovie Widianto, Sejuta Cinta is the number one romantic song in Yovie & Nuno’s album The Special One.

The album The Special One, according to its title, is special because several singles such as Keeping Your Heart, Flower of My Soul, Like a Star, She Is Mine, and Had Had, also ring in the ears of pop music listeners.