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According to Dr. Wily, he created King to check Bass’ abilities. He supposedly designed King with the intention of creating probably the most highly effective robot in the world, and since Bass destroyed him, he has confirmed himself because the strongest.

After that, Bass scoffs at Proto Man, saying that he doesn’t want a reason to fight, and can proceed fighting to destroy Mega Man. King then questions Bass, asking why he is preventing for “lowly beings” just like the humans, and tells him that robots are more superior than them. Bass then tells him to not overlook that humans are the ones who created robots.

Mega Man heard this news at Dr. Light’s laboratory and goes to the scene, whereas at the similar time Wily sends Bass to see who this evil Mega Man was. Bass agrees to help Mega Man stop the robots as a result of Wily’s laboratory was near the town. After his victory over King, Bass decides to go to Dr. Wily’s newly built laboratory to problem him out of anger of being deceived and betrayed. Bass as soon as again manages to overcome all obstacles in his path, including the newly resurrected Robot Masters, and ultimately came nose to nose with the physician himself. Dr. Wily then thanks Bass for getting rid of King, and then advised him that he was going to place a restraining bolt on him earlier than he goes haywire like King did.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Wily appears on the monitor, scolding King for serving to an enemy, and telling him to complete Bass off. King refuses, after which Dr. Wily uses a tool to extend his “brainwashing” (and supposedly enhancing King’s power within the course of). King’s armor then modifications from gold to a violet coloring, and then he breaks via the wall and enters the next room.

After that, he decides to provide Bass a lecture, saying that he won’t ever defeat Mega Man because he has “nothing to struggle for”. Bass then gets offended about it, telling Proto Man to get lost, by which he does.

  • The two of them interact in a “battle to the death” and Rockman Shadow is eventually defeated.
  • Bass rejects the supply and says he’ll do things his method, first of which to destroy Rockman Shadow.
  • Before dying, he tells Bass that after Quint’s defeat, he was the only robotic left.

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After that, King asks Bass to complete him off, but first teleports an unconscious Proto Man out of the fortress. Bass then asks King who created him, and King answers him by telling him that Dr. Wily was his creator, which shocks Bass.

Bass scoffs at him, telling him that it was a “lame excuse”, and then Dr. Wily adjustments the topic by revealing his plans for a second model of King. He advised Bass that if he joins King II, then the 2 of them will be unstoppable. Before Bass might answer, nevertheless, Proto Man arrives and destroys the plans.

The two of them engage each other in combat, and Dr. Wily is eventually defeated, and begins bowing to Bass, pleading for mercy. Bass then holds Wily at gunpoint, demanding a proof for creating King.

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Angered, Dr. Wily orders Bass to destroy Proto Man, however he refuses. Proto Man then asks Bass if he would somewhat destroy Mega Man with his own power.