Benefits of Plays a Music Instrument

Playing a musical instrument is an exciting and energising experience. The benefits of learning are also many, and you will learn to enjoy the process as much as you do playing your favourite piece of music. Which instrument should you play? It doesn’t matter. Pick one that makes your heart sing.

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Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument:

1) Memory Muscle:

Sitting down to learn and understand your new instrument, you will take in a lot of additional information. As you learn new music, your brain’s activity will spike as they improve your cognitive memory. The brain’s cognitive memory is like a muscle: it needs to be flexed to grow. Playing a music instrument engages both the right and left hemispheres of your brain for memory, creativity, logic, critical thinking, and physical coordination.

2) Stress-Away:

Playing music isn’t just a physical action. It has effects on our minds and emotions too. Just listening to music can help yourelieve stress by focussing your mind on relaxing thoughts and calming ideas. Music with a slow tempo can boost the feelings of relaxation, while music with a high tempo can energise your moods and is even great for helping athletes to perform at higher levels. Learning to play an instrument means taking the time to set aside all your day’s troubles and stresses and focus on the one activity with a clear mind. It will lead to more ordered thinking and a calmer state of mind.

3) Social Circles:

You will also likely want to join a group to help you better learn to play your chosen instrument. Insights, tips and tricks from others learning and playing the same musical instrument will see you bonding over your shared interests, and make it easier to meet new people and make friends. Joining such groups – even online groups – will see you working together and growing your skills and passion for music.

4) Scientifically Smarter:

Those who learn to play a musical instrument will see their brain’s activity increase. The first sign of this we see is that our memory expands, and it also fosters other brain functions such as problem-solving, learning, and boosts your brain’s creative centres. This leads to better reasoning and critical thinking.

5) Fantastic Fun:

The first and most important reason is that learning to play an instrument is fun. It produces high levels of enjoyment and satisfaction. Playing a musical instrument is a hobby that is deeply enriching. It stimulates your brain, enables you to meet new people, and you will learn invaluable lessons you can transfer to every other sphere of your life. Hitting the right notes, playing a fast section, or playing through your favourite passage of music without mistakes gives a great sense of achievement and accomplishment. The more you learn and greater your mastery of the instrument, the deeper the sens