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In total, Sheeran had 16 songs inside the Official UK Chart’s top 40, a feat that had never been achieved before. By adding up all the scores from days in a given month we can get an idea of which songs and albums were the most successful for any time period. Sheeran, the biggest pop star on the planet, had just released his third album, ÷ . By this point, more people were streaming music than buying it and Sheeran’s fans listened to the songs from ÷ over and over again, more so than they did any other songs during the next seven days. In the digital era, each click counted for another “sale”. The goal of this site is to consolidate the range of input charts, this often means that we have to “standardise” names.

2019 single Love Nwantiti was a Top 30 hit in the US, top 3 in the UK and No 1 across Europe, Africa and even in India. Latin America, led by Colombian singer and rapper J Balvin, reported revenue growth of 31.2 per cent, compared to 15.4 per cent in Europe. The Middle East and North Africa was the world’s fastest growing region in 2021, recording a 35 per surge in revenues.

We stock a huge range of sheet music in our Northampton shop, so why not pop in and have a browse. Following the success of his first two albums, former One Direction star Harry Styles is about to drop his hugely-antipcated third album ‘Harry’s House’ on 20th May. Training, contemporary Christian music and a globally influential website. The Official Folk Albums Chart is a monthly chart compiled by the Official Charts Company, produced by English Folk Expo and presented by the Manchester Folk Festival. Another new entry at Number 21 from Tion Wayne and M24 with Knock Knock.

I’ve just been wondering one thing so I figured I might as well askit. I am trying to find a polite way of structuring this inquiry, this is no way meant to be insulting or derogatory. But have you guys been thinking about passing this site on to younger contributors if and when you get old enough or bored enough with this project? It would be a real shame to abandon such a profound collection of chart data. The Global Album All Format Chart takes into account all consumption formats, spanning physical sales, digital downloads, and streaming platforms across a calendar year.

In order to work out which song to give most credence to we have to convert positions in weekly charts into some kind of “score”. Obviously the number 1 record in a particular chart gets more points than the number 2 record and so on, and just as clearly the difference between say the 10th and 11th position is greater than that between the 30th and 31st. So we know that the score function has to be some kind of descending curve that flattens out, like the curve of 1/x or 0.5x. Camila Cabello released her third solo album ‘Familia’ on 8th April. The singer had previously revealed the track list of her album which includes songs in English and Spanish, including her hit song ‘Bam Bam’ with Ed Sheeran. Charlie Puth’s viral hit Light Switch proves it has legs, jumping up 9 to a new peak of Number 31, while two young stars on the rise gain their first UK Top 40 entries today.

This means that in 2013 Germany overtook the UK to become the 3rd largest market, in 2018 the UK grew enough to retake its 3rd slot. In 2007 Australia overtook Canada to become the 6th largest. So the relative importance of these different territories changed between 2000 and 2014. English-language pop is being eclipsed by new stars from the Middle East, Asia and Latin America who are building a worldwide fan base through social media.

In cases where accents should be used it is easy enough for the reader to fix the issues later. Secondly the chart from Japan is just too difficult to convert. Now luckily this doesn’t impact us much as most Japanese hits appear nowhere else. It unfortunate but to make the processing tractable we just have to ignore Japanese charts until someone shows us how to deal with them. Billboard’s Hits of the World charts tabulate data based on streaming performance and digital sales with support from MRC Data’s Music Connect music measurement and analytics platform, according to Billboard’s announcement. Tabudlo also secured the chart’s second spot with ‘Habang Buhay’, while NIKI’s ‘Every Summertime’ took the third spot.

I am a music collector in the UK who loves chart information. I just discovered your site and am sure I will benefit from it often in the future. There are also fans of particular artists who believe it is valid to assert “your site says my artist had fewer hits than a rival, therefore it is wrong”, there is little we can do to break their self delusion. We have seen some places where people claim that the data quoted here is invalid. Usually such comments have come from sources that don’t provide any better data and often claim that “my private data shows the tsort site is wrong” and then when asked refuse to share that data or say where it came from. Of course the “Merry Macs” did not do well enough to get into the top 1000 artists, so we don’t have a seperate page for them.

If anyone makes a constructive suggestion we will normally consider it. We can do little about the people on the internet that feel it is easier to criticise our site anonymously than to offer suggestions to us for how to improve it. However we’ll be adding a 2010 listing in the next few months.

For our own music collections we use this data in combination with sources of lyrics and cover art to add extra value. The Bobby Fuller Four song “I Fought the Law” was a hit in 1966, while they released the “Tennessee Waltz” in 1959. The Bobby Fuller Four version of the second song still has a much lower score than the first, however it is listed in the CSV file because it is in the top 1000 song titles. We don’t see that as a “problem”, it is exactly the anticipated behaviour and what someone investigating the song “Tennessee Waltz” would want.