Did Ed Sheeran Kill The Uk Singles Chart

So what we did was split each year into 40 sections (9.125 days each for most years and 9.15 days for leap years). Because we can only process individual days this means that the actual periods are sometimes 9 days and other times 10 days. When we stitch these together there is a potential to get some rounding errors. Korean K-Pop stars BTS were the world’s https://www.wikipedia.org/ best-selling artist of 2021, beating Adele and Ed Sheeran, helping send the global industry’s total revenues soaring by 18.5 per cent to £19 billion. Asia accounted for 23 per cent of the total market and 50 per cent of all physical sales. Zack Tabudlo has topped the Hits of the World chart for the Philippines upon its launch with his track ‘Pano’.

In this case the artist “Robin Thicke, T.I. & Pharrell Williams” only had one hit but this was sufficient to make them artist number 281. But the artists “Robin Thicke” and “Pharrell Williams” were notable enough on their own to have individual entries. So we assign an additional 8,250 to each of them for the work they put in to “Blurred Lines”. We have had to take a very simplistic approach here, the headline artist gets the full tally of points, any further artists get 50% of the points .

We already have some charts from digitaldreamdoor and we’ll look at the others. The results do still have some issues, and if anyone can suggest ways to make the results more consistent we would be very happy to hear them, but we feel that the 2.0 data is a significant improvement on the older set. You are right in suggesting that the most recent years are not yet accurate. The way we gather data is more focused on getting history right rather than reporting current events.

However there are CSV files on that site covering success for the decades, they get closer to what you want. The Global Vinyl Album Chart combines global sales of vinyl format physical albums to rank the top albums in a calendar year. The Global Album Sales Chart combines global sales of physical albums and digital album downloads to rank the top albums in a calendar year.

We don’t have enough data for such a fine division to be reliable. However we do link to the charts that we use, follow the links on the “Source Charts” page and you will find where we obtained our data. The issue of “other factors” having significant impacts on song and album sales has always been with us, from Bing Crosby’s 1930s radio shows to the boost in https://www.cdoass.com/ sales for “Purple Rain” in May that followed Prince’s death. We naively believe that these things tend to even each other out. First of all, as you say, the Chart2000 site does focus on shorter timeframes than this site, so it is better for giving an impression of a particular year . This does mean that the particular boundaries take on more significance.