Ludovico Einaudi On How Music And Nature Can Unlock Your Soul

In spite of very different conventions in musical performances in different communities, a parent, or a child, wanting to share the pleasure of songs and action games with a baby, naturally adopts the intuitive formula of a poetic verse to share a story of body movement. While her baby is lying down during bottle feeding, the mother sings two baby songs including “Mors Lille Olle,” well-known throughout Scandinavia. It was not realized until later when the video was viewed that Maria was ‘conducting’ the melodies with delicate expressive movements of her left hand, while the right hand was making unrelated movements, stroking her body. At certain points in the course of the melody Maria’s finger moves 300 milliseconds before the mother’s voice.

A sense of time in the mind is the fabric from which movements of all kinds are woven into ambitious projects that value elegance with efficiency. It is a manifestation of the ‘biochronology’ that is essential to the vitality of all forms of life . In Rhythms of the Brain, György Buzsáki presents a wealth of evidence that the brain functions as a coherent rhythmic system, always in synch., and with a rich array of rhythms that are organized to collaborate. After describing ‘old me’ the client’s body relaxed, they looked up from the floor, hands lifted from their lap, the volume of their voice increased, its pitch lifted, and they began talking of ‘new me.’ ‘New me is more rational about life. This part says, “Well, I was uncommunicative this morning – that’s all right, that’s OK.

The sweet sounds of West Africa was a key theme when depicting West African culture. Originating from Sierra Leone myself, I personally understand how important music is to a West African household. Our music is infamous and it was important to show that during this segment of the project. For us, the name MAHOGANY” metaphorically described black women being a natural substance and holding a high value of ourselves from within and onto others. The aim is to allow black people to know our worth through African history and the art of creativity.

Ceitidh Mac, originally from rural Wales and now based in Newcastle, has been selected as the winner of this year’s Prize for her entry Birds. Written during the national lockdown across the UK, the song was inspired by the time the artist had to focus on and tune into the sounds of birds in the city. As the traffic slowed, Ceitidh, like many of us throughout the recent pandemic, had the space and time to notice all the forms of nature that surround us, and that may have gone unnoticed or listened to previously. The Oak Project is delighted to announce the winner of the second edition of the Tune Into Nature Music Prize, originated by Professor Miles Richardson from the Nature Connectedness Research Group at the University of Derby. The prize, which is supported by Tileyard London, Timber Festival and Yorkshire Sculpture Park , searches for a new piece of original music that tunes into nature, and helps to highlight the need for a new relationship with the natural environment, while providing vital support for young creative practitioners. Nature relaxation tracks perfect for meditation, relieving stress and anxiety or any production that requires a calming, natural and meditative feel.

Tom also talks about the art of listening with the field recordist and microphone builder Jez riley French, and the writer and composer Pascal Wyse. Autumn drives into winter so it can sometimes be a moment of depression but, really, it’s so beautiful. The change of the leaves and that moment where all the leaves become red and yellow, and then fall down… At the same time, I felt that music was the territory wherein I knew I could express myself. In the wake of his first solo piano album in 20 years, which he says came “naturally” during the stillness of lockdown, Country Living spoke to Ludovico from his home in rural Italy about all things music, nature and wellbeing.

Miles is a Professor of Human Factors and Nature Connectedness, a chartered ergonomist, chartered psychologist and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. He founded the Nature Connections Research Group at the University of Derby which has pioneered the first everyday interventions to bring about sustained increases in connection with nature and wellbeing. Relaxing and reflective nature music with the sound of birds singing and a soft synth pad and gentle tongue drums throughout. “Current ideas about differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain provide a basis for speculating about the nature of play.