Official Singles Chart Top 100

Tiara Andini is currently at the top of the Indonesian chart with ‘Merasa Indah’, while NIKI’s ‘Every Summertime’ is sitting at second place. Other tracks in the chart include Mahalini’s ‘Sisa Rasa’, Justin Bieber’s ‘Ghost’ and Lyodra’s ‘Pesan Terakhir’. Following the launch of the charts, Tabudlo took to Instagram to celebrate his top spot.

The first ever Global Vinyl Album Chart, introduced to reflect the continued strong growth of the format, completes Adele’s sweep of all three awards. However the booming music industry, powered by streaming subscriptions, is set to prompt calls for a fairer distribution of the profits from songwriters, who are paid as little as 0.002p per play by market leader Spotify. The Singapore and Malaysia charts are currently dominated by international releases, while singer MC Cheng Tinfu has secured the top three spots in the Hong Kong charts with ‘Pillow Talk’, ‘Overrules’ and ‘About Time’ respectively. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.

In reading the conversations with many people who seem to lack a third grade skill of reading your site before posting opinions or subjective, baseless commentary, you maintain a tact and veer away from personsal atracks . Kudos, to you and all of your colleagues and/or collaborators hard work in sorting the data and creating a methodology to explain your results. Since Country & Western music is only really a thing in North America the Billboard Charts would be the place to look. The Billboard Country chart started in 1958, so there is no chance of getting anything reliable earlier than that. Some sources claim that the Billboard “Jukebox” chart from the early 1950s is “Country” but that claim looks dubious to us.

This factor means that an artist which appears in numerous collaborations might get a higher score than one above them in the list. Most of the pages on this site provide summary information, for example the daily, monthly and annual charts, details about the top songs, albums and artists. All pages have a comment box at the bottom to allow you to ask questions, point out mistakes and suggest improvements.

The recent update as I notice seems to have remove the top 100 song page for1900s. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. The world’s only official Asian music Top 40, exclusively on Asian Network. Asia Indian singer Aastha Gill, who launched her career with Bollywood dance tracks, has embraced TikTok, launching an anthem for the cricket World Cup on the platform. Africa Nigerian-born CKay, originally signed to local label Chocolate City in 2015, “can be our Ed Sheeran” says Warner Music Africa boss.

The charts, which list the top 25 songs in each country, will be updated every Tuesday. Chart Hits Now is the perfect pop sheet music songbook for pianists, singers or guitarists to learn the cream of the contemporary pop crop. The best songs you’ve heard over the past few weeks and months by the Taylors, Ezras, Smiths and One Directions of the music world are put at your fingertips with this pop sheet music collection of 12 Top Hits.