Songs: Top 5 Songs You Can Use as Video Content

Top 5 Songs You Can Use as Video Content

SONGS- Today’s social media features make it easier for us to create interesting content. Not only slow-motion videos but videos can use background music to make them cooler.

It’s no wonder that currently a lot of music content is popping up on social media and there are more and more music content creators who are very creative and produce works on various social media, one of which is on the short video platform. Here are 5 songs that you can choose to be your background video.

Stay – Justin Bieber & The Kid LAROI

This song by musicians Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI is about someone who begs his loved ones to stay with him. Due to its catchy tune and catchy lyrics, the song, which was released on July 9, 2021, is widely liked by users of short video platforms. The proof is that there is a lot of content found on short video platforms that have used these songs as BGM (background music) in the past two months, from travel content to hangouts with friends.

Edamame bbno$ & Rich Brian

Popularized by bbno$ and Rich Brian, these edamame songs target Indonesian audiences. The song is from the name of one type of peanut which is very catchy and flexible that used as a background for different kinds of video content.

It’s Only Me Kaleb J

The song It’s Only Me comes from the musician’s one-sided love story. The story raised in this song is in accordance with the love story of many people. This song is perfect for those of you who are sad and want a background for your video content.

Happy With You Haico

Haico released their second song Happy With You after De Bintang earlier this year. Haico himself is a soap opera actor as well as a talented singer who is on the rise. A song that tells about someone who wants to get guidance from a potential partner. Recently many are using this song on short video platforms, especially for confused video content. The deep lyrics are the main attraction for content creators to create content using this song.

Following The Sun SUPER-Hi & NEEKA

Wrapped with indie-pop nuances and attractive dance energy, Following The Sun’s song makes anyone who listens want to dance. This cheerful song describes freedom and leaving all problems behind. The optimistic lyrics can be an inspiration for us to be even more enthusiastic, especially in facing the current pandemic situation. Recently, many have used SUPER-Hi & NEEKA songs on short video platforms to show happiness and joy.