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The Difference Between Metals And Nonmetals


In the anime, after the obvious betrayal of Mitsuki to Konohakagure and his desertion, the village was placed on lockdown. Later, when Boruto approached Metal and his group to see if they’d seen Mitsuki, they knowledgeable him they hadn’t.

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When Konohamaru wished Boruto to come back to him, Metal knowledgeable him of Konohamaru’s request. In the anime, Metal joined the other genin in testing out new surveillance equipment designed to follow their location.

During the counterattack, Metal blocked an assault on Denki, however his assist broken his arm, putting him within the hospital. In the anime, on the Academy, Metal was placed on Team 5 with Iwabee and Denki.

With the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang all through Konohagakure, Team 25 was assigned alongside the opposite genin groups to help cease the self-proclaimed noble thieves. However, the genin were not permitted to have interaction the Byakuya … Read More