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Songs Of Nature

In the example below of Stephen’s work a client is talking of an emerging ‘new me’ in contrast to an ‘old me.’2 The ‘old me’ was marked with ‘a lack of self-respect.’ ‘I blame myself when things go wrong, I believe I’m not working hard enough.’ The voice is drone-like, body hardly moving. Figure 5B shows a four-second section of a pitch plot of ‘old me’ voice. Especially in the last line, well controlled musical tricks varying the beat are used to mark a climax and resolution.” (Trevarthen, 1989, p. 96).

A child who sees themselves as a competent musician may attempt to learn a difficult piece of music, and their success at performing this piece will further bolster their sense of competence. And the way a child is welcomed into their musical culture is of vital importance as to whether this child thrives playfully with the musical tools at … Read More