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Genealogy Of Musical Genres

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21st centuryAn Austrian production premiered in 2005 on the Volksoper Wien in German. It was directed and choreographed by Renaud Doucet. The cast included Sandra Pires as Maria, Kurt Schreibmayer and Michael Kraus as von Trapp, with Heidi Brunner as Mother Abbess. As of 2012, the manufacturing was nonetheless within the repertoire of the Volksoper with 12–20 performances per season. At the concert, after the von Trapps sing an elaborate reprise of “Do-Re-Mi”, Max brings out the Captain’s guitar.

The family hides on the Abbey, and Sister Margaretta tells them that the borders have been closed. Rolf comes upon them and calls his lieutenant, but after seeing Liesl he alters his mind and tells him they aren’t there. The Nazis go away, and the von Trapps flee over the Alps because the nuns reprise “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”.

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