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At the identical time, Dr. Wily hoped that with such an analogous build, Bass would gather the same combat data as Mega Man from every battle, which would permit Dr. Wily to ascertain what sort of data Mega Man had taken again to Dr. Light. Unfortunately for Dr. Wily, regardless of turning out to be everything he had wished for as far as abilities had been concerned, Bass also developed a strong sense of satisfaction and is rarely keen to obey Dr. Wily’s instructions.

He, of course, stays true to his word, as he is encountered for a fourth time at the very subsequent Wily Castle stage. This time, he performs a fusion with Treble, and tries to destroy Mega Man with the very enhancements that he stole, which have been meant for Mega Man and Rush. After a hard battle, Bass is once once more defeated, and warps away. … Read More