The Heat of the Online Music Business

Seeing the development of technology from year to year, making music label companies increasingly tough. The Heat of the Online Music Business. Especially with the development of the internet, now everyone can quickly access information anytime, anywhere, and with any device. With just one person, we can create an online music artist, which can attract enthusiasts anytime and anywhere at a very affordable cost. Learning from several cases, many musicians have decided to produce their own music. One of the reasons for being rejected by major music label companies. An example is Tulus, he is one example of a successful musician who has succeeded in producing and marketing his own songs. And even now, many big music labels are trying to propose to Tulus.

Works and Intellectual Property Rights / Copyright

The Heat of the Online Music Business. After creating your work, you must patent your song work. Because in this online era, many loopholes can be exploited by irresponsible people. And of course, if someone else uses your song for commercial purposes, you are entitled to royalties.
Home Recording
The ease with which we can access information from the internet, allows us to learn to make anything. One of them is how to do home recording. We can find out what tools are needed and how to record. Many Youtube celebrities record themselves with simple tools but can provide quality that is not bad either. Only with a laptop, sound card and pre-amp, we can record at home. In the recording process, we have to go through 3 main processes, namely recording, mixing, and mastering. At the mixing and mastering stages, flight hours are needed to be able to process the recordings to be suitable for listening according to existing standards. So for this part, you might be better off hiring a professional to mix and master your songs.

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Website and Social Media

Both of these things are mandatory if you want to be serious about marketing your songs in the online world. Due to the current people’s reference in seeking information, the majority use online media. Based on the statistics of internet users in Indonesia, the majority of social media users. Facebook and Instagram are mandatory things you need to do in marketing and introducing your songs.

Online Song Marketplace

The definition of a marketplace is a market. A meeting place for sellers and buyers. The ones we often know for online marketplaces are Bukalapak and Tokopedia. Likewise, with music, we can find online music marketplaces on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon Music, etc. So once your song is finished recording, immediately market it to these sites. Then market it with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads paid ads.

Maximizing Youtube

YouTube is the social media that is most often used as a reference for people to find video clips or music clips. And the pleasure of this platform you can use for free! So immediately install your music clips on this platform. Then share as many of your Youtube links as possible. Or if you have more budget, you can immediately place an ad on Youtube Ads.

We know that making a video clip really costs a lot of money. And it takes quite a long time. First, we have to think about the concept of the video, the properties and wardrobe needed, the actors who play the role, which agency can make good and affordable video clips, and so on. And fortunately, now we can find references to the concept of a video clip that is simple and can be done yourself