The Local Music Journey

However, if your music files reside in scattered folders, Spotify is unlikely to locate all of them. All the songs added will be stored in the “Local Files” songs folder in the Spotify library. Spotify has 70 million tracks, with new songs uploaded every day. But sometimes, the piece you are looking for isn’t available in the database. Usually, that’s the case with less popular songs and ones either recorded in other languages, ancient, or unavailable for legal reasons. Hubs are coordinated by the Hub lead organisation, which takes on responsibility for the funding and governance of the Hub.

The piece by Bach that I love so much is the ‘Erbarme Dich,’ the tears of Peter in the St. Matthew Passion. Then, at a different level, not intimate in the same way, I love Wagner. Surprisingly, The Pope has a music career, having released an album called Wake Up!

Together with increasingly visible questions over gatekeeping within our scene, not to mention the impact of touring musicians on the climate crisis, there’s never been a more pressing need to put them under the microscope. Improving musical skills takes time, patience, and perseverance, but the rewards are significant – the more you put in, the more you get out. South London rapper, Dave, went from performing on his own YouTube channel in 2015 to performing at the Brits in 2020. Laura Mvula, award-winning singer-songwriter, began her career studying classical piano and violin as a child, progressing from Grade 1 through to Grade 8. From gig-going to performing on tour, through music you can meet new people, travel far and wide, and broaden your horizons. Music allows you to meet people from all walks of life and can be a rewarding career or lifelong leisure activity.

Here you can find such a range of different albums, from classics to newer releases to unique LP’s you just won’t find anywhere else. In a word that is fast becoming so digital-based, touching base with where music really came from, and supporting an independent local business, becomes increasingly important. CandoFM is a community radio station based in Barrow-in-Furness. We broadcast online and on 106.3FM to the Barrow and Furness communities plus on 107.3 to Ulverston and surrounding area. We are here to serve these communities, residents and businesses. We created the emerging talent development program Launchpad that now supports artists and emerging professionals throughout Yorkshire.

We only accept submissions from musicians who are based in or originate from the NR postcode. If you are outside of the NR postcode please send your songs to Since 2014, our mission has been to help you stay in the know on what’s happening, the best places to go, and great things to do in our city.

It’s a city on the edge of the world, perfect for low-cost living with plenty of choice for families. We love the city and it’s beautiful surroundings of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It’s full of stunning green countryside and vibrant golden beaches, while Hull itself is a city on the up since it’s 2017 City of Culture year of memorable events. DJs are often the go-to for party entertainment and provide background ambience. Instead, hire a musician from your area to provide live background music. These types of events generate more community interest in your venue, and can also be offered at a lower price point to get attendees through the door during the week.

What’s On Grease Sing-Along at The Regal Tenbury 29 May 2022 Come and sing-along with this classic musical on Sunday 29… Self-funded and run by volunteers,Malvern Cubeis home to many different kinds of performances.

When we talk about exclusivity in music, we might think of not being able to get into a club, or getting our hands on a rare record. Unless you’re a booker, agent, or DJ—in other words, an industry figure actively involved in these agreements—there’s a good chance you haven’t heard about them at all. Buried under payment terms and other small print, exclusivity clauses don’t exactly make for thrilling reading. In practice, however, they can impact where, when, and by which name artists play, making them a powerful force on music scenes. Evidently, regulating how often DJs play in the same place is not a zero-sum game, and as with any ecosystem, the line between healthy variety and structural imbalance can be a thin one.

Find more information about the Music Service and what we can offer via our network of music centres. Host your event with Eventbritefor access to effective, easy-to-use tools. The Temple of Art and Musichas a local band, The OGGs, who performs weekly at their ‘Jazz in the City’ series. Similarly, their ‘Word of Mouth Fusion Jazz’ series invites a guest singer to grace the stage every week.