The Local Music Journey

We only accept submissions from musicians who are based in or originate from the NR postcode. If you are outside of the NR postcode please send your songs to Since 2014, our mission has been to help you stay in the know on what’s happening, the best places to go, and great things to do in our city.

We’ve selected here some of the best venues across The Malverns including the Teme Valley to enjoy the magic of a live performance. There are music services and instrumental teaching services across the UK which support the musical learning of children in a variety of ways. This includes the provision of instrumental and vocal tuition, ensembles, choirs and bands, advice and guidance for schools and professional development for teachers. There are music hubs and services all over the UK designed to support the music education of children and young people and help them to get playing. Now you’ve learned how to add local files to your Spotify library, how to play the local files on your mobile app, and many more tricks. There is a ton of options Spotify has to offer, and once you figure it all out, listening to music will be an even better experience.

Tap into your social network and get in touch with a few local celebrities or social media influencers to see if they’re available. Apples & Pears Bardoes a fantastic job with open mic events. Then, performers are chosen based on the order on the sign-up list. Artists get 10–15 minutes (or 2–3 songs) of stage time each, so they’re encouraged to bring their A-game. Music can transform children’s lives and we want to work with local families, schools and other organisations to make sure that all children get the chance to PLAY music, ACHIEVE great things and INSPIRE others.

To add local files to your Spotify library on your Mac, you need to enable them. The Regalin Tenbury Wells has to be one of the most beautiful theatres in the country, and where else to enjoy the magnetism of a live music performance. Featuring local and touring artist, tribute acts and many more, the Regal is so much more than just a cinema. Helmsley Arts Centre is a thriving performance venue for theatre, music, dance, talks, cinema and live broadcasts, plus exhibitions, classes and a range of creative activities for children.

The piece by Bach that I love so much is the ‘Erbarme Dich,’ the tears of Peter in the St. Matthew Passion. Then, at a different level, not intimate in the same way, I love Wagner. Surprisingly, The Pope has a music career, having released an album called Wake Up!

Live music, but also dramatic pieces, plays, art exhibitions and many more.

It’s a city on the edge of the world, perfect for low-cost living with plenty of choice for families. We love the city and it’s beautiful surroundings of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It’s full of stunning green countryside and vibrant golden beaches, while Hull itself is a city on the up since it’s 2017 City of Culture year of memorable events. DJs are often the go-to for party entertainment and provide background ambience. Instead, hire a musician from your area to provide live background music. These types of events generate more community interest in your venue, and can also be offered at a lower price point to get attendees through the door during the week.