The Official Uk Top 40 Singles Chart

The volume of evidence we have for the UK for this period is already more than sufficient, until we have more data from Asia, Africa, Central & South America, and even from the USA, we don’t want to add any more from the UK. When we check the entries obtained from the external sources we find that they are on average about 97% accurate . When we merge in another chart there are processes that check the new entries against the existing data, these can spot many of these types of mismatches, provided the new songs already exist in another chart. To track what the biggest hits with French titles I think you have to download the CSV file and find all the songs with French titles. This site should be considered as a complement to the // site.

The fully correct answer is that it depends on the input chart, but for most charts the answer is no, it only lists the entry time. The monthly “Number One” pages of course do have that for you. That is a really good question and a very hard one to answer. We’ve added a new FAQ that shows our thinking, look at “Which songs spent longest in the charts?” that will give a few lists of songs that you may find interesting . Garth Brooks biggest hit two hit songs were “Friends in Low Places” which manaaged a peak of 36 in the UK and “Lost in You” which peaked at 5 in the US .

The UK singles chart was born within the pages of the music weekly NME on 14 November 1952. (Pub quizzers will tell you that the first No 1 was Al Martino’s “Here in My Heart”.) Providing music with this new competitive element – who was best, who was climbing fastest, who got to No 1 – proved an immediate hit. Consequently, the week of 8 March 2017, Sheeran dominated. While ÷ was comfortably settled at the top of the albums chart, its individual tracks punctured the singles chart like acne scars on a peachy cheek. He was at No 1 with “Shape of You”; No 2 with “Castle on the Hill”. He was not at No 5, which was instead occupied by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay with “Something Just Like This”.

Hey Jude was their Biggest selling record followed by Yesterday. While I enjoy diversity and the talent the many artists have displayed over the years, I wanted to know which artist sold the most records. This is explained in the FAQ “Why is the year for XXX listed as 19XX?”. Artists that are outside the top 1000 do not have all their songs listed, just the ones that were big enough to make the top 100 of any year. For example, for Little River Band, only three songs are listed. Very famous songs are missing (The Night Owls, Lonesome loser, Cool Change, We Two…) I think Little River Band can enter “Song Artist 1000” whenever all the missing songs are added.

The reason is that many of the source charts don’t have enough detail available. This is especially true for the earlier charts and those from the less well represented countries. If we were to restrict ourselves to only cover the period after, say 1980, or to only deal with the USA & UK then we have a more detailed look at runs. 30, the hugely anticipated fourth studio album from global superstar Adele, was released on 19 November 2021. It marked a welcome return to music for Adele after a six-year hiatus since the release of her multi-award winning third studio album 25, released in 2015.