Zack Tabudlo, Tiara Andini, Tilly Birds And More Top Billboards Hits Of The World Charts Upon Launch

If you contrast that with the 100th biggest song of 1990 “Fantasy” by Black Box and the 100th song of 1999 “Mi Chico Latino” by Geri Halliwell . Personally I don’t know either of those songs both of which had considerably more international success that the Garth Brooks songs. The second anomaly has to do with the way the “success curve” curves are generated.

Songs Song Years Song Artists Song Titles Albums Album Years Album Artists This is the most comprehensive collection of world music chart information anywhere . These lists bring together 500,999 individual chart runs about the most popular 147,125 songs and 82,516 albums released since the year 1900. The source data includes all the hits of 36,644 song artists and 21,991 album artists. The site lists the top 100 songs and albums from mostyears, as well as every song or album that has been a hit anywhere for the top1000 artists . Every entry includes a complete list of the charts that it featured in, and a complete list of original sources is provided. There is also a complete list of the songs that were number 1 for any month from Jan 1940 to Dec 2017 in the USA, UK and a range of other countries.

The romantic single was first released in early December, shortly after he dropped his debut album, ‘Episode’. Saweetie’s debut album, titled ‘Pretty B-tch Music’ was originally set for release in 2021, after she teased fans with singles such as ‘Tap In’, ‘Back to the Streets’ featuring Jhené Aiko, and ‘Best Friend’ featuring Doja Cat. Every Sunday afternoon from 4pm until 7pm, Sarah-Jane Crawford counts down the 30 biggest songs that you’ve been listening to, on the radio, streaming, watching and downloading. In America, radio DJs were routinely bribed into playlisting singles to help nudge them up the chart in so-called “payola scandals”.

To be honest we wouldn’t have complete faith in our own listings for any period less than 5 years old, the data is too recent for our data analysis approach. We’ve added the charts, but made it so they don’t contribute to the overall score . We have added this chart as a contributor to the details, so users can see what this critic’s view of each album was, however we’ve ensured that this does not affect the overall score. The “Village Voice” critics seem to be typical of attempts to identify “the best” music, rather than “successful” music. Now we have no issue with that approach but this site attempts to focus on music that was, and continues to be successful, rather than telling users which music they “should” be listening to.

Our estimate is that any one of Bing Crosby, The Beatles, Elvis, Paul Whiteman, Frank Sinatra or Glenn Miller could feasibly be claimed to be the most successful musical acts of the 20th century, depending on how you combine the evidence. For most approaches the top act works out as Bing Crosby, The Beatles or Elvis, but the others turn up for some metrics. So the answer depends on how you want to combine the scores, our best guess would be Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole but with the details in the CSV file you might come to a different conclusion. The Albums are by Jimi Hendrix, Dr. Dre, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Queen & Mike Oldfield. This also allows us to see how the revenues of the music business have dramatically dropped since the year 2000. Another interesting element is that revenue has dropped by 65% in the USA and almost 50% in the UK while over the same period Germany’s revenue only dropped 40%.

Tune in to Hits Radio every Sunday to hear the chart show. Lana previously dropped two albums – Chemtrails Over The Country Club and Blue Banisters – last year.

On Friday 7th January, we were graced with brand new music from The Weeknd, in the form of his fifth studio album ‘Dawn FM’. The album featured fellow huge names such as Lil Wayne, Tyler The Creator and even comedian Jim Carrey. To make it easier to get on board with the most killer stuff, we’ve digested it all, and curated the ultimate weekly chart. If you’re an artist featuring in this chart, we can provide you with social media assets.